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George “Mastermind” Shaya is no more – The Impeccable Profile Of A Luminous Legend – By Joel Masuka, Founding and Executive Director Of ZimLegends.


George Shaya – The humble, soft-spoken, down-to-earth man who exemplified the true traits of a Legend/Hero until the sun set on him, on the 23rd of August 2021.

 Oh, what a tragic loss, I am indeed devastated by the loss of Mukoma George “Mastermind” Shaya. Of course the whole nation of Zimbabwe and the soccer fraternity is equally devastated. 

On behalf of Zimlegends I would like to convey my deepest and heartfelt sympathies to Maiguru Agnes, Mukoma George’s wife, their children, the whole Shaya family, as well as Zimbabwe’s entire football/ soccer fraternity and of course to the whole Zimbabwean nation.

 For the benefit of those who were still very young to have known him, or those who were born after his years of stardom and those who were not keenly interested in soccer but would now want to know more about this legend, there is an in-depth article which I once wrote in September 2019 about the Legend Shaya, the link of which is hereby attached at the very end of this paraphrased article.

 As the founding and Executive Director of ZimLegends, I had felt duty-bound and obliged, to do yet another online interview with him for our Zimlegends article but fate had its own mind.

 Mukoma George “Mastermind” Shaya’s astounding performance has not been beaten, for more than 41 years after he officially hung his Football Boots. He is the only Zimbabwean soccer player who’s” 5 time Soccer Star of the Year impeccable record remains unbeaten, for more than 41 years after having officially retired/ hung his football boots. Mukoma George was deservedly awarded, Soccer Star of The Year, in 1969,1972,1975,1976 and 1977.

I am greatly humbled to have known mukoma George from my early childhood days, having grown in the same neighborhood with him. Mukoma George was the man who significantly touched and inspired us, as young boys who were growing up in Mbare (playing bhora re zvikweshe) and indeed inspired all Zimbabwean youths of his time and beyond, as well amazed both his friends and foes alike.

 It is in the truest sense of the word devastating to lose one of Zimbabwe’s most decorated soccer legend. His performance would have only been equated to the likes of the Peles, George Best, Maradona’s and the Messi, to name but just a few world soccer legends

 I accordingly accord him a soccer hero coz he is truly a hero in his own right.

 We salute you in all earnest mukoma and indeed you were the best in the annals of the  Soccer Star of The Year awards.

Rest In Peace Big Bro

Below is the link to the article which I once wrote in September 2019 about our fallen Legend:

George “Mastermind” Shaya | Zimbabwe’s Greatest Soccer Star Of All Time | By Joel Masuka – ZimLegends Founder & Executive Director

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